A blue-headed mallard told to shove off

Three's a crowd. Green head and blue head drakes seek attention of a hen (middle).

I like my mallard drakes to have green heads.  It makes my world simpler.  But yesterday at Town & Country mall, I for the first time saw a blue head.  It was competing with a green head for the affections of what looked to be a befuddled hen.

The green head, I think, had been the original beau.  I saw a green-head drake and hen anyway a few weeks ago paddling about one of the fountains.  I assumed they were the same ones.  Only the blue head was new.

The green head waddled about trying to block the blue head in its path to the hen.  The scene drew the attention of a handful of chuckling human observors, knowing full well I suppose that this trait is quite common in their own species.

Later, after dining, I ventured back to the same area.  I found the two drakes, possibly exhausted, laying in the sun side by side.  Buddies now perhaps until they regained energy.  The hen lay behind them about six feet trying to relax before the next round.