Losing our heads over Ebola

Two Americans are beheaded by ISIS in the Mideast.  Polls reveal a turn-around in public perception. Many Americans suddenly want to go to war.  A significant number want soldiers on the ground, particularly if those soldiers are not their sons and daughters.

In the meantime, Ebola arrives in the U.S.  It concerns us only a little.  To me, Ebola poses a much larger threat to this country than ISIS.  The survival rate is about 50 percent.

“I have no doubt we will stop (Ebola) in its tracks in the U.S.,” says Dr. Thomas Frieden of the Centers for Diseased Control and Prevention.

I for one am not in the believing mood.

Sincerity and truth are hard commodities to find these days in a cover-up American society.  People stew over losing their jobs.  They refuse to admit mistakes.  Like 9/11, WMD and the tragic invasion of Iraq in 2003, the financial crisis of 2008 and more recently the dithering over ISIS and under-estimation of its threat to the U.S.  And the Secret Service lapse:  A knife-wielding man penetrating undeterred deep into the White House.  And then the Secret Service lies about the incident.

And now Ebola.

Incredulously, we have allowed an infected man to enter the U.S. by simply taking a flight out of Liberia, one of three West African countries already decimated by the infectious disease.

You would hope that anyone traveling out of that African region would be quarantined for a while.  Not so.

It is reported the Liberian victim now being treated in a Dallas hospital was cleared for “symptoms” before boarding the plane and then sent on his merry way to visit relatives in the U.S.

Most victims, it is reported, show symptoms within 8-10 days after infection.  It is during the symptoms stage that the disease can be transmitted by contact.  So how does anyone know the health status of passengers leaving Liberia by sticking a thermometer in their mouth?  What is apparent today may not be apparent in a week.  How can you not quarantine travelers for at least two weeks and see if they are OK?

The man arrived in Dallas on September 20, became ill on the 24th, visited a medical facility and was sent home before a later diagnosis of Ebola.  Even more alarming was a report today the victim was sent home after telling the medical person he had come from Liberia!

It will be difficult for most Americans to admit what is so obviously true and has been increasingly true for all of the 21st Century.  We live in a bumbling country.  Neither government nor citizens have their heads screwed on right.

You can not make foreign policy over two beheadings. You should not make policy from polls.  You can make policy over who gets into this country from Liberia.