Voter `amnesia,’ voter stupidity

J. D. Hayworth’s jabbing remark that his GOP Senate opponent, John McCain, is trying to induce “amnesia” into the Arizona electorate, is right.  What Hayworth does not tell you is this.  It often works.

Hayworth was right to poke fun at McCain’s assertion to Newsweek, “I never considered myself a maverick” when it came to serving his Arizona constituents.  After all McCain branded himself “the “maverick” of the U.S. Senate so many times you felt embarrassed for him.

His presidential campaign plane was called Maverick One and his 2002 memoirs, “Worth the Fighting For” carried this subtitle, “The Education of an American Maverick and the Heroes Who Inspired Him.”  

Now, in light of strong competition from Hayworth and the far right, McCain seems confused.  Like the time during the presidential campaign that he rushed back to Washington to give advice re the economic crisis, then sat mutely by.   He often gives off the impression he is in panic mode.

But the truth is that if McCain keeps saying he’s not a maverick ad nauseum, many voters who are biased in his favor will come to believe it.  McCain knows it and Hayworth knows it.

Hayworth has his own “amnesia machine” at work.  He will deny over and over any close ties to the imprisoned lobbyist, Jack Abramhoff.   Those suspected ties, many thought, cost Hayworth his re-election bid in 2006 to the U.S. House.

Political amnesia of this kind  settled in a long time ago.  I suspect its origination had to do with the old male saying:  “If your wife finds you in bed with another woman, keep denying it and before long she will doubt her own eyes.”

This is how it is in America.  A vast majority of voters pay so little attention to politics and trying to find truth from all the bloviating, that they allow a rewrite of history right under their noses.   

The “amnesia” is not so much a political problem.  It is a voter problem.  We voters are so dumbed-down, so preoccupied with our toys, celebrities and other unimportant things, that we don’t get it, we don’t understand the difference between stuff that matters and trivia.

The Tea Partiers who cry, “We want our country back” can only blame themselves.  Where were they these last three decades as the policies of Ronald Reagan divided this country more than ever?  Where were they seven years ago when radical neo-cons shoved us into the Iraq war?  They were asleep.  That’s where they were.  Amnesia-induced sleep.