The life and good times of a Honda Civic

I am a Honda Civic.  I know cars don’t talk much.  But I’m approaching my 7th birthday, and I want to express gratitude to my parents on the assembly line.

I’m foreign-born but not Japanese as you might expect.  My birth record, the VIN, shows I came to this life at a plant in Alliston, Ontario.

A swell life so far.

A swell life so far.

While it’s true, I haven’t been driven hard, only 65,000 miles, the performance record shows I’m made of the right stuff.   Only one big problem so far.  The shocks went out about 5,000 miles ago.

First of all, diet.  I am no teetotaler, but I watch what gasoline I drink.  I’ve had 182 meals, swilled own 2,018.18 gallons of gas for a decent average of 32.19 miles per gallon.  That was the estimation when I came on the market in Phoenix in 2006.  The consumption would be better if my driver ever got out of the city.  A lot of my energy is wasted at stoplights.

I remember my first meal, at a Shell station in Scottsdale.  It was operated by members of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.  Took in what seemed at the time to be some high-priced fuel, on May 15, 2006.  Cost $3.16 a gal but just a few days ago I was fed some $3.76 regular.  And I’ve twice been served a meal at the extremely high price of $4.10.  But around Christmas of 2008, oh, my god, it was only $1.26.  Could’ve drank forever at that pump.

I once got 44.92 mph on a stretch from Flagstaff to Phoenix.  Most of it downhill of course.

The price of feeding me is reasonable, though my driver may feel differently.  My intake has cost $5,613.73 over those 6.75 years.  So that’s roughly $830 a year to feed me.  Or about $69 a month.

My fuel efficiency has shown some very high levels, much more than the estimated 38 mpg that as noted on my sale sign.  I once did 449 miles on a tank that holds 13.2 gallons.  I had driven to Oklahoma in June 2007 and was on my way back to Arizona, and stopped for a fill-up at Santa Rosa, NM.  An exciting moment.

And then of course there were the dog days of summer when I felt the drag of the air-conditioner.  It was on all the time, so it seemed, even with the ignition turned off.   One time I hit 25.5 mpg in a very hot September of 2007.

But things are going fine as I enter mid-life.  My last fill-up yesterday averaged out 32.6 mpg, all city driving.

So, there.  I’ve said my piece for now.