Mapping it out

Call me Wahn.  I reside in Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s just the place where I live.  It is not my home.  I can’t imagine Phoenix being a real home to anyone.  It’s just a place where you wind up.  Or pass through.  I’ve lived  here for 30 years, and I don’t know whether I’m staying or going.

I have no ambition.  I have no drive to be rich.  I care little what others think of me.  I seek only pleasure.  Pleasure can come through a job, a research project, building a raised-bed garden, traveling or many other things.  My philosophy is simple.  If you like what you’re doing, not just grubbing for dollars,  you are as close to heaven on this lethal planet as possible.  

My life experience is varied.  I have held the following jobs:  steakhouse waiter, construction laborer, oilfield rufneck, freelance writer, soldier, agricultural worker, swimming pool lifeguard, basketball referee, petition verifier, newspaper sports writer and editor,  flagman, concession stand cashier, genealogical researcher, auto supply clerk, roofer, library assistant, baseball umpire, cabinet-maker apprentice, election poll supervisor, missile-silo janitor but never, never a salesman or a marketer.

So I live out here in the West, in this arid land, a desert country in every way.   A land of fast bucks, slick marketing, religious zeal and crazy lawmakers.  Much of America is like that anymore.  Divisive, hostile, bitter, unforgiving, mindless, materialistic, hypocritical.  It is a tough place to live, this world.  You adapt or you don’t.  I mostly go my own way.  That, I suppose, is why I named this blog Long Row.


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  1. Sounds like an interesting CV. I’ve done a few jobs but can’t match your list. Agree wholeheartedly, though, that the most important thing is to enjoy your life. I’m doing three part-time jobs as well as being an author. I make about half what I used to make when I had a ‘proper’ job. But life is much more satisfying.

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