The 5 deadliest roads and me

A thank-you goes out to the travel god who protected me while  driving on five of the deadliest highways in the U.S. I realized my good forutne only recently by coming across an article in the local newspaper.

Those killer roads, in order of their deadliness:

1) Interstate 4 (Tampa to Daytona Beach). I was covering the United States Football League championship game in Tampa when one night I just started driving east, hoping to reach Cape Canaveral, This was in July 1984.

2) Interstate 25 (Dallas to Galveston) In 1973, I was working for a newspaper in Temple, Texas, and took off with the family one afternoon on a travel adventure to Houston.

3) U.S. 192 (central Florida to Cocoa on the Atlantic shoreline.  Same trip as #1.

4) Interstate 17 (Phoenix to Flagstaff). I have driven this route many, many times. The last trip on Thanksgiving Day, we lost 25 minutes due to accident just north of Anthem.  Looked bad. Drivers side crushed.

5) Interstate 95 (Maine to Florida):  The major highway along the East Coast.  We were vacationing in New England and the Maritimes, in Canada, and drove back to Boston  and survived. Circa 2010.