Danilo and me

On Christmas Day, I did not recognize this as a part of my body.

On Christmas Day, I did not recognize this as a part of my body.

I have been measuring the progress of my ankle sprain to that of an NBA star, Danilo Gallinari of the Denver Nuggets.  Gallinari sprained his left ankle in a game on the 20th.  That’s two days after I sprained my same left ankle while hiking in a local urban park.

I hope to figure out how long I can expect to be gimping about.  I want to return to my hiking life as soon as possible without reinjury.  One to two weeks on most sprains is a rule of thumb.

Of course I have no idea about the severity of Gallinari’s injury.  I suspect no two injuries are ever really alike.  And is it a low-ankle sprain or the more serious high-ankle?  Is it a Grade I, II or III?  Neither the NBA nor the media go into details of injuries, particularly if they are just sprains.  So Gallinari’s injury is a bit of a mystery.

I am a great one for self-diagnosis.  That is not to say I correctly diagnose.  I just do it a lot rather than visit a doctor.

It is my belief that I have a Grade II sprain, low ankle.  The low-ankle injury, I read, comprises about 90 percent of the 25,000 sprains incurred daily by Americans.  A little more ligament damage than Grade I with “moderate pain, swelling and bruising.”  Not a complete tear with long rehab like Grade III.

I chose Gallinari because he is much younger at age 27 than I and has access to the most expensive medical staff and equipment known to man.  Since he is the Nuggets’ leading scorer, he will receive extra good care, and the team will try to get him back on the floor very quickly.  He is making roughly $11.6 million this season, a very good reason for the Nuggets to protect their investment.  Hopefully, he will not be rushed back too soon.

As of this date, Gallinari, in Day 8 of his recovery, is not expected to play in a game at least until Saturday, January 2, v. the Golden State Warriors.  Gallinari did not even suit up for last night’s game against the Thunder of Oklahoma City.  If he returns to the lineup against the Warriors, he will have missed two weeks.  Here I am on Day 10, and I am doing better.  The swelling subsides daily, the discolration fades and the pain has turned into soreness.  I feel like I’m ready for moderate rehab.  I’m guessing I too can recover in two weeks, maybe a little longer.

One thing is for certain, I probably will be following Gallinari’s career for a long time.  I didn’t even know who he was a month ago.



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