Terrorism in San Berdoo or not?

I haven’t bought in to the “terrorist” theory in San Bernardino.  I haven’t done so even with the new information that the two married shooters were Muslim and the  husband, Syed Farook, may have been radicalized.  But why the Inland Regional Center, of all places?

The Center is said to serve people with developmental disabilities.  It’s hardly a place where the killing yesterday of 14 people and injuring of 21 would be admired by Muslims anywhere.  The Center certainly isn’t a typical western target for I.S.I.S. or Qaeda.  Way too soft and it doesn’t strike at the heart of perceived American decadence.  To the contrary.

My idea at the moment is this.  It was personal.  You can be the most radical terrorists in the world, but if you go after a person or organization for personal reasons is that always terror?  To my mind it isn’t.

America’s right-wingers want to believe the shootings constitute terror.  It goes with their agenda.  They are hawkish and want war in the Mideast.  The GOP presidential candidates love “terror.”  They believe it can get them the nomination and possibly the presidency.

The left-wing focuses on new gun control laws.  Whether terror or personal vengeance, it will be politicized.  Nothing new there.


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