Gunfire in Colorado Springs

You have to wonder why television media were so slow today in reporting the capture of the shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.  I had the news almost 10 minutes before MSNBC first reported it at 4:59 p.m. (Mountain time).  Fox and CNN had it 2-3 minutes later.

Am I a hotshot reporter with deep sources within the Colorado Springs police department?  Of course not.  I live nearly a thousand miles southwest of the city, in Arizona.

How did I do it?  By merely streaming Colorado Springs police communications inside the building via a scanner app, along with more than 65,000 other listeners..

The police operation to snag the male shooter barricaded inside PP started at 4:29 p.m. with a “roll call” of police officers, “to avoid crossfire.”  Here are some other streamed snippets.

4:34, “We’re ready.

4:50, “Suspect coming out with hands up.”

4:51, “He’s standing up in front of doorway.”

4:52, “(We’ll) take him out if he’s got any I. E. D.”

4:53, “(We) have suspect . . . He’s alone.”  Response, “Good job.”

4:58, Bring suspect around to southwest door.  Don’t have exact quote.