Worse than 9/11

Benghazi’s place in American history is now well established.  Last week’s climax, the questioning of Hillary Clinton, only hammered home the importance of the 2012 Benghazi incident that left four diplomatic service members dead in an attack in war-torn Libya.

Some statistics found on the Internet:

Congressional Investigations, Hearings (deaths in parenthesis)

Benghazi — 8 investigations, 32 hearings (4)

9/11 — 2 investigations, 22 hearings (2,753)

Khobar Towers — 2 investigations, 14 hearings (20)

U.S.S. Cole — 2 investigations, 8 hearings (17)

Boston Marathon — 1 investigation, 5 hearings  (4)

Oklahoma City Bombing — 0 investigations, 9 hearings (168)

Embassy Bombings, Kenya and Tanzania — 0 investigations, 12 hearings (224)

WMD in Iraq — 0 investigations, 0 hearings (4,468 U.S. soldiers and up to a million Iraqi citizens).

Conclusion:  Benghazi by far is the most tragic, threatening event since World War II.  But draw your own conclusions.


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