That wage thing

In 1963, I worked on a bridge construction crew in Kansas for the going minimum wage of $1.25 an hour.  I was married and had two children.  When they raised my hourly wage by a nickel I thought I had gone to heaven.

My “slave wages” of 51  years ago equal $9.58 in today’s money.  The federal minimum wage in 2014 is $7.25.  So, in essence, I was making 32% more than the working poor of today.  If I had not received a federal loan — which I repaid in full — I would never have had enough money to go to college and eventually make a decent living.

For conservatives in America to complain that raising the federal minimum wage would hamper business owners and kill jobs amounts to just another of many big lies that Fox News and other right-wing media tell us.

Wonder what’s wrong with America, why this country is going downhill?  You don’t have to look far from a fair minimum wage.  The greedy are driving the car and the accelerator is pressed to the floor.


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