It’s the apostrophe, stupid

The last few days have been pure hell in, as the state’s welcome signs say, Pure Michigan.

It started the day we moved in to a vacation rental in Petoskey, a resort town on Lake Michigan in the Lower Peninsula’s northwest corner.  It was a beautiful old two-story house on East Mitchell, nicely furnished with antiques.  Gorgeous old homes landscaped to perfection decked the streets on all sides.   The rate was $135 a day for a minimum stay of a week.  That’s moderately priced in this area.

Only one bad thing.  No Wi-Fi.  Still, no sweat.  We had Nebra’s I-phone.  We could create a Hot Spot with it, and I could tap into the Internet with my year-old Acer laptop.

That’s the way it was supposed to work.  Trouble was this. “Nebra’s I-phone,” as it was officially designated by her, would not converse with my laptop.  Every time I clicked on “Nebra’s I-phone” I was told no connection was possible.  It was the same story day after day for three days.

I did notice something right away but didn’t think much about it.  “Nebra’s I-phone” appeared on my laptop’s list of potential Internet connections as “Nebra€s I-phone.”  What was a euro sign doing there?  Finally, as frustration built, I asked Nebra to go into Settings and rename her I-phone using anything but an apostrophe.  She changed the name to “Nebra I-phone,” and, voila, I’m in like Flynn again, on the Internet.  My laptop, so it seems, could not translate her apostrophe.

Happy days are here again.



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