If Miami disappears

A recent Gallup poll reveals 75% of Americans believe in God and 73% believe God either created us in our present form or at least took part in the evolutionary process.  Those statistics do not bode well for climate change.

If you believe God created not only man but the universe, chances are you believe he cares enough to protect them.  If glaciers melt, seas rise and Miami disappears, you also likely believe it is God’s will, punishment for human misbehavior.  But, in the end, God will intercede and save you.  Religion trumps science.

This is scary stuff.  There is no proof God exists.  It is a matter of faith.  It is a belief system, an ideology.

I think it is true what the economist Paul Krugman writes:  “What makes rational action on climate change so hard is . . . a toxic mix of ideology and anti-intellectualism.”

My hope follows a gut-feeling that many of the 75% who claim to believe in God are not so sure, that they will cave when all the chips are spread across the table.  I sense they will not place the planet at risk, that most Americans will understand that if Miami disappears something has gone amok and then they will act.

The problem is it could be too late.



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