If Sgt. Bergdahl was black

What do you think would happen if Sgt. Bergdahl was black, Hispanic or Asian?  Under the current political climate and racist views from the right-wing, would “our last POW in Afghanistan” still be rotting away in that Taliban shark cage?

It is a very real possibility that a black Bergdahl would not have been released for such a controversial exchange of Taliban 5 prisoners held by the U.S.  After all, what is a black person’s life compared to that of a white?  Much less, the answer would likely be.  Of course conservatives would shade it in such a way as to not appear racial.

In fact, I will go so far as to suggest a black Sgt. Bergdahl would have long been dead, the Taliban seeing no value in him as a bargaining chip.

And, if those wild-eyed conservatives are threatening the white Bergdahl and his family with death, what pray tell would be said about a black one?

And if our black President, who can do no right in the eyes of some, signed off on a deal to retrieve a black soldier, would he not be lambasted — even impeached — for favoring his own race and be accused himself of racism?

That you ask questions like these tells you something about the modern America we live in.


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