Flying the flag

The flag at our house, a symbolic reflection.

The flag at our house, a symbolic reflection.

Almost every car dealer will be flying the American flag today.  It’s Veterans Day.  And there seems to be a war among them who can fly the largest flag.   For the dealers, it is not about patriotism.  It is of course about selling cars to those who call themselves patriots.

It is a different deal for American conservatives, particularly the addled right-wingers of the Tea Party.

These ultra-conservatives would have you believe they are the only segment of U.S. society that is truly patriotic.  Even if they are racist and fail to understand the true meaning of democracy.   Their idea, these “patriots,” is to have a subtle apartheid.  A democracy of white people in which some blacks and Hispanics are allowed to participate.  Poor people, you’re on your own.

You can bet all Tea Partiers worth their Lipton’s bag will fly a flag today.  And do it not only with pride, but with arrogance, nasty suspicions and condescension for anyone who does not fly.

The conservatives have a flawed view of the landscape.  Many on the left, progressives or liberals or whatever you want to call them, are patriotic by questioning the traditions and myths of the past.  They may or may not fly the American flag today.

At this left-wing house, the flag is out and flying, a symbolic joust at conservatives.


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