Speaking with forked tongue

The description “forked tongue” comes from the highest of authentic sources.  The western movie, aka the oater.  It is a saying attributed to the American Indian when speaking of the White man.  In White man’s talk it means “speaking out of both sides of your mouth.”  It is all gibberish for saying one thing and meaning another.

We out here in the “independent” Wild West of Arizona don’t need the federal government for anything.  We’re pioneer stock.  That’s the talk from one side of the mouth anyway from our super-conservative legislature.

But just the other day wasn’t it our Republican governor, Jan Brewer, begging for federal dollars to alleviate damages caused by the Yarnell Hill Fire last June?  She’s instructed state officials to build up evidence, make a case, for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the much-reviled FEMA, which has already turned Brewer down once.

Even worse, Republicans state-wide voiced outrage of FEMA’s rejection.

This is why the Indians got it right.  White men, particularly Republicans in the West speakth with forked tongues.  These right-wingers want their Tea-Party base to think they hate the feds.  But they want the fed dollars even more.


2 thoughts on “Speaking with forked tongue

  1. laeuchli2 August 22, 2013 / 3:21 PM

    Good point. I think that one of the key discrepancies in the reasoning of people in our state ( I live in Arizona as well) is that we think we don’t want the federal government, but in fact we are dependent on it for much of our existence. Just ask people whether they want the military bases to leave. Whether it is really speaking with a forked tongue or not is a different question. People often just don’t see the inconsistencies in their own views.

  2. longrow August 22, 2013 / 3:33 PM

    laeuchli2, you have a much more charitable view of politicians than I. Perhaps we could agree The West was not won by sturdy pioneers with guns and gumption . It was won by federal water dollars, most of it wastefully spent.

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