A slaughtering tribe

You do not have to actually pull the trigger of a gun or a harpoon of course to be guilty of the needless killing of animals, particularly species who are endangered.  You can be a Japanese dining at a seafood restaurant , a Thai collector of ivory or an American eating a hamburger.  Your consumption habit may be the cause of dwindling wildlife populations thousands of miles away.

There is constant pressure on these animals.  I know this but I have to keep reminding myself.

In an editorial today, the New York Times points out that not only Japan is continuing to hunt whales despite what is largely a world-wide moratorium, but Iceland will soon resume killing fin whales and Hawaii  wants the humpbacks removed from the endangered list.

In the African country of Chad, 86 elephants were gunned down last week by poachers using automatic weapons and their ivory stripped away for sale in Asia.   Add that number to the 300 that were slaughtered last year in Cameroon.

I am not a religious person, and I do not believe humans were born with the  right given by any god to use the world as we so choose.  We are in a world that more than ever is meant for people and animals to live in a balanced way.  After those animals are gone, there is no god under the sun that will bring them back.


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