Cellphones as menace on the trail

An unwelcome guest on any trail I hike.

An unwelcome guest on any trail I hike.

Imagine.  There you are hiking out in the middle of nowhere.  You’ve found a quiet trail with nothing but the sounds of Gambel’s quail chattering in the bush.  Ah, Nature.  Ah, solitude.

Then, boom, you hear a human voice chattering on a cellphone.  She’s coming down the trail as if her mundane conversation is the most important thing in the world.  In the space of a few seconds, this self-centered, insecure person has not only violated my solitude but to my mind she has violated her own.

She is too caught up in the unreal outside world as to begin an understanding of Nature.  She does not hear the quail.  She does not see the field of subtle wildflowers at her side.  The tiny fiddlenecks, phacelia and lupine.  Nor does she smell the aroma of the creosote.

I use a woman here only because that is what I see on the trail.  My hiking experience tells me that person will be talking about her children, her boyfriend, politics at work, the trivial stuff that accounts for most of the day.

The New York Times had a related article this morning, “Cellphone Talkers Proved To Be Irritants, Study Says.”  The article fails to mention “cellphone talkers” on the trail but it is even worse there than being captive to these incessant talkers on a bus, standing in a line at Starbucks or anywhere else.

I’m for promoting a law.  Leave your cellphones at the Trailhead.


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