Ralph was right

I have for a decade or more felt corporations are the bane of this country.   And while poring over some old newspaper microfilm recently at the local library, I ran across someone who felt as I do.   I should have known it would be Ralph Nader.

Nader, the political activist,  had appeared before a group of businessmen here in Phoenix and read them the riot act.  It is not Communism or socialism we have to fear, he was quoted as saying.  It is corporations, a problem he now calls “corporationism.”

Corporations, he said,  stifle free enterprise, retard innovative technology and hide their sins by the use of fear and intimidation.  It all made sense to me, and I was not surprised.

But what surprised me was this.  Nader’s little speech came in September of 1967.  That is almost a half century in our rearview mirror!

The article in The Arizona Republic did not say how Nader’s views were received by the businessmen.  But one has only to look at modern America to find the answer.

Those businessmen did not listen at all.


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