Michelle and the Oscars

While I have twice voted in the presidential elections for Barack Obama, I’m not blind to his faults or his Democratic Party’s over-stepping after November.  That’s why I’m able to say The First Lady, Michelle Obama, had no place in the Oscar program a few nights ago.

As she announced from the White House the winner of the Best Picture of 2012, “Argo,” I felt embarrassed she and Democrats stooped to such a low level of blatant politics.

The New York Times reported this morning how Mrs. Obama’s appearance came about.  It was largely orchestrated by a the Hollywood producer and big financier of the Democratic Party, Harvey Weinstein.

Perhaps Weinstein was attempting to endear himself to the President and his gun-control agenda.  He has produced some of the most gun-violent movies imaginable, including “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill.”

It makes you wonder too about the legitimacy of “Argo” winning Best Picture.   This patriotic film was an American “feel good story” with two Hollywood figures as heroes behind the escape of “hostages” in Iran.  One might suspect some tinkering with the voting results to bring off this grand spectacle of self-promotion by the film industry and to promote the Democratic party’s goals as we near sequestration.

While it’s true Mrs. Obama was invited to do the spot and apparently did not seek the role, the appearance did more harm than good to the Obamas and Democrats.


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