A hiatus

Perhaps the few that follow this blog think I have fallen off the face of the earth.  I have published nothing new in Long Row since December 10, almost four weeks now.  That is a long time in Blog World.  I have no vile sickness, at least none I know of.  I have no lack of material.  But I did hit a wall of sorts.  I refuse to call it writer’s block.  I think this “silence” was brought on by my annual Christmas blues, only a case worse than usual.  I do not like Christmas at all.  I am not a religious person, I have no young children, I am not born to shop, I am not a materialist and do not believe I should buy stuff to show people I care for them.  But everywhere I turn, this craziness is all around me.  From TV programs, to attending Nebra’s performances with a chorus bent on singing praise to a god I do not recognize, to being enveloped by rude customers and drivers on a trip to do such an ordinary errand as buying toothpaste.  I know the antidote is simple.  “Get over it.”

I feel better now.


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