Bee sting tragedy: A sister’s explanation

Hana Elizabeth Ruzsa offers an explanation to Long Row why her brother, Joshua, fell to his death on Camelback Mountain during a bee attack late last month.

Joshua and two companions encountered a swarm of bees while hiking one of the mountain’s more precipitous trails.  Joshua plummeted approximately 150 feet as he tried to climb up to a ridge.   The other two young men hunkered down and survived despite each sustaining what medics said were about 300 stings.

Hana’s words appear below and also in the Comments section.

“I think it is so amazing the number of people writing about my brother on their blogs and such. One thing I did want to mention from the stories his friends have recounted is that Josh was hiking point, saw the swarm of bees and told his friends to hide out in the alcove in Ice Box Canyon. He was trying to lead the bees away from his friends but slipped in the process. The father of one of his friends came to the viewing we had on Friday, November 2nd and told us that if my brother had not sacrificed himself, his son would also be dead. I’m angry and torn up that my brother is gone, but I’m glad that he died in service to his friends.”


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