The great toe-dragger

As Election Day came to a sudden and decisive end last night, I made a mental note to myself.  I must forego the pain and listen to the great  conservative bloviator Rush Limbaugh in the morning on KFYI.  I was interested in how he would explain to his minions in the GOP precisely why his candidate, Mitt Romney, was unexpectedly crushed by President Obama.

So this morning I streamed Limbaugh’s radio show as I sat at the dining room table contemplating a hearty breakfast.  I must say I’ve never heard Mammoth Mouth so sputteringly angry and rambling, even contradictory, trying to think as he talked, trying to reach some sort of logical face-saving conclusion about the defeat that has left many shocked conservatives on the suicide watch.

It was all very confusing to the listener.

What Limbaugh saw we all saw as well.  Angry Hispanics, blacks and Asians and women turned out to vote in great numbers with other “liberals” to defy and rout the party of old racist white men that ignored if not openly castigated them.

“I don’t deny,” Limbaugh said, “that race is a central factor.”

“We’re out-numbered and losing ground,” Limbaugh said of the new demographic that implies Republicans will be hard-pressed to win future national elections without minorities, particularly the Hispanic vote.

Limbaugh and fellow conservatives see their view, “the traditional American view,” as a vital ideology, while half of America sees it as out-dated, Dark Age and irrelevant here in the 21st Century.

“We have not given up on our principles,” he preached.

“None of it makes sense,” he said exasperated.

And of course he veered into the dirty-tricks land of his own party’s voter suppression and rigged ballot machines, suggesting it was the Democrats who may have pulled off “one of the most outrageous thefts in history.”

Whether Republicans will see the light and became more inclusive remains to be seen.  Many predict a civil war within the GOP, split by the new demographics and those of the Reagan era of 32 years ago which they have so keenly followed up to this point.

The Mammoth Mouth directs his party from a radio mike, but he was unable to say definitively on this day whether he will lead a push toward the middle or farther to the right, where lives the Tea Party, a party seen by many as extremist and out of touch.  Surely the GOP can not stand still in this political climate.

Limbaugh seemed to think a more conservative approach would produce better results.  A caller suggested the GOP needs to face a changing electorate.  “No,” he said adamantly.

Of Romney’s presidential bid, he said, “This was not a conservative campaign.”

I had expected more from Limbaugh.  I suppose it will take time for Republicans to digest their defeat, lick their wounds and push on, be it north or south.

“It’s difficult to accept,” Limbaugh said.

For listeners like me it was a startling revelation.  There was apparently no Plan B.


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