Where are the birthers when you want them?

Imagine this.  You’re running for president of the United States.  You have the following family background.

Your paternal father was born in Mexico of parents with U.S. citizenship.  They were living there because they’d rather live in Mexico than in the U.S.  Your great-grandfather was a polygamist with five wives.  He came to Mexico to help found Colonia Dublan, a haven for Mormon polygamists.  He came to the colony when his native Utah outlawed polygamy to gain statehood.  Your grandfather moved back to the U.S. only because the Mexican Revolution under Pancho Villa threatened to take away his land and money.

If this were Barrack Obama, the issue of family background would be blown to the heights by the Tea Party and other extremists.

That he doesn’t now practice polygamy or stand up for it would be of no matter.  Neither would the fact his mother was a U.S. citizen.  Do you believe the Koch brothers and other Obama-haters would not spend millions on a smear campaign based on this irrelvant information?

But this is not the background of Obama, who has been the subject of bitter attacks by so-called “patriotic” birthers who question where he was born.  They would want to believe he was born in Kenya, or in Indonesia, and is unqualified by birth to run for president.

No, the polygamist family background and its blurry life in Mexico belongs to you, the presumed GOP presidential candidate.  You call yourself Mitt Romney.  But you have so far escaped the wrath of birthers.  In fact, you say almost nothing about your family background except your father, George W., was president of American Motors and governor of Michigan.  You have to wonder what the birther investigators, in fairness, are doing.  Twiddling their thumbs is a good bet.

It is simple.  Birthers do not really care about where you’re born unless the skin is black or brown or yellow.  They have no patriotic agenda, no idealism.  It is all political.  And it’s all important to these  radicals in America that you are, unlike Obama, one of them.  Even if by temperament, attitude  and  intellect you are not much of a candidate.


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