Any rainy day is a great day in the desert

The slosh of car tires on pavement is magic to the ear.

I’m seated at the Miracle Mile Deli in late afternoon, munching down a tuna san and fries when a strange sound reaches my ears.  Could it be thunder?  And then the flash in the sky I dimly remember as lightning.

A huge dark cloud rolls in from the southeast.  I’d seen those kinds of fickle clouds before.  They don’t usually come all the way in to the heart of Phoenix.  They tippy-toe around and dump their rain on the rich people in gated communities to the east, places like Scottsdale and Cave Creek and Gilbert.  Then they run.  But not today.

It doesn’t take much rain to excite a desert-dweller.

For 30 minutes I put the digestive tract on hold to peer out the large south windows as rain filled the street at the Colonnade Mall, or whatever it’s called now.  People who have never lived in the drought of an arid land will never know how truly wonderful the sound and sight of a rain storm can be.  And afterward the fragrance.

To commemorate the moment I walk completely around the mall to let the rain and the wonder of it all soak in.


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