When bees go haywire

Bee colony run amok on a 17th Avenue sidewalk in Phoenix.

This afternoon I witnessed a tragedy in the making.  Hundreds if not thousands of bees clumped together on a hot Phoenix sidewalk.  My guess is they’d all gone nuts, left the hive, lost their purpose in life.  I’m not well-versed in matters apiary but I think these bees suffer from CCD, or Colony Collapse Disorder.

I read up on it a bit.  Apparently no one knows what causes CCD.  Bees just up and leave the hive.  Is it pesticides, parasitic mites, a new virus or inadequate food supply?  A combination of some or all of those?  I suppose it could be a dead queen.  Anyway, beekeepers saw it six years ago, in 2006, and hit the alarm button.

It’s a startling thing to see, nature, the one thing you can usually count on, running amok.  It’s sad, just purely sad on one count, and a travesty to gardeners and juicers like me, if the bees, our pollinators, go away or are greatly reduced.

Until I know differently I’m betting the culprit has a human’s face and a commercial interest.


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