You can always count on wildflowers at home

This is a disappointing wildflower season along most of the mountain trails I’ve hiked this winter.  A few patches emerge here and there.  A nice bunch of poppies along the Pass Mountain Trail and at the beginning of the Siphon Draw Trail to the east.

But we have seen spectacular wildflower color at home, thanks to Nebra.  Every fall, she plants wildflowers.  Some in the hellstrip by the street.  Others in the backyard.

African daisies, our little patch of pampered wildflowers.

This year’s crop of African Daisies, particularly on the hellstrip, is small but the colors breathtaking.  The down side is they do not last long.  In a month or so, whenever the heat starts to get torrid again, the daisies will dry up into ugly brown plants, and I will have to look at them until Nebra takes time to get our her jars and harvest the seeds.  But in the meantime, these pampered daisies try their best to make up for what is not there this year in the wild.


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