Bush’s image

As the Republican presidential candidates dive deeper into the insane waters of courting the Tea Party and others on that wild side of politics, the image of former President George W. Bush is brightening in comparison.  Bush’s policies now seem reasonable and good, that is if you listen closely to the national media.

It is disturbing that Bush would find a noble place in history with all the damage his presidency did, starting with a blind-eye to warning signs that might have prevented 9/11.  Then, of all things, shamefully allowing the self-proclaimed perpetrator of 9/11, Osama bin Laden, to shamefully go unpunished during the next seven years of his presidency.

Think also “WMD” and the contrived war in Iraq, torture of perceived terrorist prisoners, tax breaks for the wealthy, running up the biggest budget deficit in history, promoting deregulation of huge corporations like Wall Street banks that resulted in the financial crisis.  Not to mention those agenda-motivated Supreme Court appointments of John Roberts and Samuel Alito that allowed the ridiculous idea that corporations are people to become law and to control our elections more than ever.

No, Bush deserves his old tarnished image.  Not a varnished new one.  Comparisons don’t count.


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