The elusive truth about 9/11

It no doubt seems incredulous to many Americans that here we are, going on 11 years after 9/11, and some of us still question how that “perfect storm” of U.S. security lapses could happen without some form of our own government’s participation.   It is the era of the computer.  Our focus is short.  We’re on to the next great thing before the last one is clear in our minds.

I was reminded of this again while reading this morning’s New York Times.  Two former Democratic senators, Bob Graham, of Florida, and Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, signed revealing affidavits recently in a lawsuit brought against Saudi Arabia by 9/11 victims.

“I am convinced,” Graham said in his deposition, “that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists . . . and the government of Saudi Arabia.”  Kerrey said “significant questions remain unanswered” regarding Saudi involvement.  Both senators, the Times said, were privy to top-secret information.

Graham and Kerry said the “Saudi connection”  was never fully examined because the investigating panels were not given the time or the resources.

So why would Congress fail to comprehensively investigate one of the darkest days in American history?  To not search for the last shred of proof about the Saudis and everything else?

The reason, I think, was a fear of what investigators might turn up.  Like a “Saudi-U.S. connection.”

Who can forget Bush’s kiss and holding hands with the Saudi leader, King Abdullah, on the latter’s visit to the Bush ranch in Crawford not long after 9/11?  Our leaders did not want a possible insurrection if the “truth” became known.

Was there a coverup by Bush, Congress and other U.S. officials to protect American oil interests in Saudi Arabia?  And to assure Saudi Arabia’s approval of the Bush presidency’s signature event, the war in Iraq?

9/11, whether contrived by the U.S., certainly proved ideal for the Bush administration.  It gave a lame president credibility with the American people as a popular “war-time president,” led to the attack on Iraq playing to the neocons’ ideal of an American empire and paved the way to further right-wing aims at home including tax cuts for the wealthy and appointments of ultra-right Supreme Court justices.  An unpopular peacetime president could not have accomplished those goals.

We in America are still a long way from truth about 9/11.  We with our click-click computer urgency have only time to gather “information.”  We have no time to process it, to reflect.  My bet is that the truth will never be known.


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