Et al, et cetera

The flap over the Susan G. Komen for The Cure foundation struck home recently.  Our neighbor, M.R., said she “resigned” from the Phoenix Affiliate because of Komen’s right-wing agenda to defund Planned Parenthood because it wants to appease the anti-abortion people.  “I control my uterus,” she said.  “No one else is going to.”  M.R. claims to have raised $20,000 a year for the Komen breast cancer cause and the Affiliate’s annual 60-mile “Race for the Cure.” . . . I had one brief but meaningful telephone conversation in 1982 with Angelo Dundee, who died February 1.  Dundee was the most noted boxing trainer of his time.  I was researching a story on the use of painkillers by professional athletes for the Arizona Republic.  I reached Dundee at a training facility in Tampa, and he told me his former protegé, heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali, could not have fought later in his long career without the use of painkillers for chronic pain in his hands.  I subsequently talked by phone with Ali, who strongly denied he ever took any kind of painkillers. . . . The Arizona centennial celebration on Saturday night, Feb. 11, was a bust.  Only several hundred were on hand for the Gin Blossoms rock concert and fireworks shot off from the roofs of the capitol dome and the House and Senate buildings.  Arizonans have little knowledge of state history and, what’s more, they don’t care. . . .


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