Et al, et cetera

Why would Houston, of all cities, have more Words With Friends players than any other?  Can’t be literacy.  My bet goes to the competitive spirit and that irresistible urge Texans have to cheat, ala word-builders.  It’s harder to cheat in regular Scrabble . . . .  That the world’s most nasty person, Newt Gingrich, calls Obama “the food stamp president” would be amusing if not so sad and taken deliberately out of context.  While true, the rolls of Americans receiving “food stamps” from the Nutrition Assistance Program have swelled by 10 million in the last two years, Gingrich does not speak of those countrymen of his who have been thrown out of jobs and into the ditch during the financial crisis.  A crisis, one might add, largely due to the laissez-faire policies of Gingrich’s own Republican Party. . . .Who is the most embarrassing Arizonan, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio or governor Jan Brewer?  I give the edge to Brewer, particularly after her finger-wagging incident at President Obama during his visit here on January 25.  The only thing Brewer is half good at is promoting her ghost-written book.  And I thought Republicans were the champions of an individual making his or her way through life unaided.  Say it ain’t so, Jan, tell us you wrote the book yourself. . . .


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