Et al, et cetera

Gabby Giffords did the right thing by announcing on January 22 her immediate resignation as an Arizona Congresswoman.  It is obvious she needs far more rehab after being shot in the head a year ago . . . .  You have to wonder if that controversial first question posed this week to Newt Gingrich during the CNN Republican debate in South Carolina was orchestrated to give the candidate a boost in today’s state primary.  The conservative moderator John King asked Gingrich about a comment made by one of Gingrich’s ex-wives that he wanted an “open marriage.”  The ensuing attack by an “angry” Gingrich on King and the media played beautifully to the largely-GOP audience.  A recent Gallup Poll showed 75 percent of Republicans distrusted the media as “too liberal.”  It seemed an odd first question and one certainly to make maximum impact.  Did King bite the bullet for the cause, thinking the front-running Mitt Romney too far to the left? . . . The late legendary singer Etta James likely was best known to younger generations as a popular crossword puzzle clue:  “Singer James.”  Answer:  Uh, let’s see.  James died January 20.  And a sign of the times, if you’re in to longevity:  A news report described James’s death “at the young age of 73.” . . .Notice all those TV ads that have popped recently regarding treatment for cancer patients?  They’re a good indication there will be no cure for cancer any time soon.  Too much money to be made by the likes of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, too much money invested in treatment rather than fierce research and development.  Capitalism is a poor way to go when dealing with health issues. . . .The most electable of the four GOP presidential “finalists,” in order:  Romney, Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul . . . .


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