The insanity of the Tebow mania

There he was Sunday after the game, Tom Brady, walking to midfield for the obligatory meeting with the opposing quarterback.  Brady had just led his New England Patriots to a ridiculously easy victory over the Denver Broncos in the NFL playoffs.  Not only was he a winner, but Brady had thrown six touchdown passes, tying a playoffs record.  A tremendous feat by one of the best players football has ever seen.

But here’s the thing.  Brady was walking by himself.  Not a soul around.  A true football god if there ever was one.

But then there was the losing quarterback.  Tim Tebow had a miserable game.  His team had lost by an obscene score.  In fact there are many who believe he is a marginal NFL player.  But guess what?  Surrounding him was a horde of film-hungry cameramen and other media types dying to get close.  They in turn wanted to feed their crazy Tebow-hungry viewers.  How is that for putting everything in proportion?

This is how crazy America is, how absolutely insane the infatuation with Tebow really is.  His name has become a verb.  Tebowing.  You know, dropping down with your elbow on a knee, the head resting on a bent fist.  Supposedly in these ubiquitous poses, Tim Tebow is praying to his Christian god.  For what, of course, we don’t know.  Perhaps after all these years of self-proclaimed celibacy, for a night with a cheerleader.

It is true the Broncos won numerous games this year after Tebow became the starting quarterback.  But was it do to Tebow or pure blind luck?  Magic, I call it.  If something good can happen, it sometimes will.   But it has little to do with Tebow.  Or even a team for that matter.  How else to explain the Cardinals winning 8 games this season by 7 points or less?  Or the Diamondbacks miraculous series of wins before September?  It is just the way the ball bounces during a specific period.   Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes not.

Life is chaos and randomness.  Given those same miraculous Broncos comebacks in 2011, you could replay the same games, and Tebow and the Broncos could have lost every one.

It is this unhinged belief in special people that brought the cameras to Tebow’s losing side of the field on Sunday.  If I were him, I would be embarrassed and put an end to it all.  But Tebow is more than just about his Christian faith.  He seizes the day, seeing the dollars signs of all this publicity starting to come his way.

You had to wonder what Tom Brady really thought of all the Tebow commotion.  Who after all was the god-like creature on Sunday?


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