If I were Gabby Giffords . . .

(Giffords announced her resignation on January 22).

It seems to me Gabby Giffords, the Tucson Congresswoman who survived a gunshot wound to the head last year, has two choices.  She can run for office again this year and possibly win with a “sympathy” vote.  Or she can take the higher road, forget campaigning this year, work on her rehab and, with good fortune, run in 2014 or later.

I have no inside information on her true condition.  But by watching her latest appearance at the candlelight vigil in Tucson on the anniversary of the shooting, she appears a long way from full recovery.For me, it would not be enough to have my staff do 90 percent of the work, or have my spouse, in this case Gabby’s husband Mark Kelly, be the power behind the throne.  If I were Gabby Giffords I would not want to attain office by having my constituents feel sorry for me.  This is not the NFL where starting players generally do not lose their jobs because of injuries.  Being a Congresswoman is serious business and requires, hopefully, a person at the top of her game.

If Giffords chooses to run for office this year, I think the numbers on a list of her admirers will drop considerably.


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