“Mistletoe Cam” reveals a jerk and a little about our TV anchors

I’m watching this video clip on Channel 12 tonight.  The “Mistletoe Cam” at a recent UCLA basketball game caught a young man proposing marriage to a woman seated beside him.   He lifts a ring out of a box and makes his pitch.  What follows is the unexpected.  A rejection.  The woman shakes her head and flees the arena as the man hangs his head in what we are to assume is total embarrassment.

The thing that surprises me most is the reaction of the Channel 12 co-anchors and the woman who does the weather.  All three think the woman is at fault.  She shouldn’t have humiliated the guy, they say.  How ridiculous!

If this is indeed a “real” incident and not contrived for kicks, the guy has my vote as the absolute No. 1 stupido in the world.

What sane man is going to propose marriage on TV without being 99% sure of a “yes” answer?  This guy is either so dumb or insensitive to how the woman feels that he deserves exactly what he got.  Utter humiliation.

It makes you wonder too about the folks on Channel 12 who deliver the news.  Can they be stupidos also?  Why am I asking?  I know the answer.

I have one more question.  Why am I wasting time writing about such drivel?


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