John McCain’s same old bull

I’m listening to John McCain this morning spread the same old lies about President Obama.  You know the Arizona senator, the same John McCain who would have put that beautiful nitwit Sarah Palin one step from sleeping in the White House in 2008.

McCain is saying Obama has “bankrupted” America and has put our security at risk.  The truth is that it was McCain’s own party, the GOP under President George W. Bush whose policies and fiscal irresponsibility led to the financial crisis.

And Bush with the support of McCain ginned up two wars and paid for them by credit card.  The bills came due as Obama took office.

And talk about security.  Bush’s war in Iraq has made this nation less safe, not more so.  McCain is repeating these lies as he announces his support for Mitt Romney as his party’s nominee for president.

But what do you expect?  McCain knows he speaks bald-faced lies.  But he is following a time-honored practice:  Say something often enough and people will begin to believe you.  You know, the bigger the lie, the more power it carries.


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