Cedric Ceballos: Another example

Ced taking a breather during Scorpions debut game on Nov. 5.

I was sorry to read yesterday about Cedric Ceballos, a former player for the Phoenix Suns.  Ceballos, only 42, was reported to have suffered “a series of small heart attacks” after playing in an ABA basketball game on the 20th with the Arizona Scorpions.  Sorry, yes, but I was not surprised.

Thinking of Ceballos, I was reminded of another Suns player, Armen Gilliam, who died in July at age 47 of a heart attack.  There has been a rash this year of former pro athletes who have developed serious health problems at relatively young ages.  I had listed several in a November 5 article, “Early deaths of former pro athletes:  What’s going on?”

I had actually seen Ceballos recently.  He was playing in the low-budget Scorpions’ debut on the 5th at Phoenix College and seemed to be in better shape than earlier when he hid a large paunch under an oversized shirt that draped over his hips.  Ced, as he is called, ran the court and played most of the first half before I left.  But with your health, you never know.  Not really know.

In any case, I wish him well as probably do many others.  He was a popular and charismatic player with the Suns and seems to have a lot going for him after life in the NBA.  He serves now as the Suns arena emcee and among other enterprises is said to be part owner of the Scorpions.

The heart issue is a good thing.  It gives him the chance others possibly did not have.  A warning.  Now Ceballos can correct whatever problems exist and perhaps adjust his lifestyle accordingly.


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