Amanda Knox: Another disgusting American fairy tale

Unlike most Americans, I find the hoopla over Amanda Knox’s homecoming another sickening display of media hype.  Knox, in case you have spent a lot of time recently in another galaxy, is the young American woman who along with her Italian boyfriend was wrongly convicted of having a role in the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, four years ago.   She was freed by an Italian appeals court yesterday and arrived back home today, in Seattle, in one of those disgusting spectacles you can only find these days in America.  To watch this over-wrought moment, you might have thought the war on terror was over or that the economic crisis has been mended and people are going back to work.

To see the grinning Cheshire face of Terry Moran, the Nightline anchor, as he reported the homecoming tonight, was enough to cause me to pickup and leave my comfortable spot in front of the TV.  I didn’t gag, but I should’ve tried.

While Knox has been freed on the grounds there was not enough evidence available during the trial to convict her of murder, it does not mean, at least in my mind, she is exonerated.   Only the three participants know what happened that night in Perugia and none is talking.  For all, we know Knox played  a big role in the murder.  Maybe someday the truth will emerge.  It is all smoke and mirrors now.

Just think about it.  Would a wallflower from Fargo, daughter of a poor, illiterate farm family been so fortunate to attract the media attention to keep this miscarriage of justice before the world for four long years?  I think not.  In the end, the Fargo girl would have rotted in prison.  It was the beguiling good looks of Amanda,  aka Foxy Knoxy,  that started the media ball rolling downhill.  The perseverance of Amanda’s family and friends also stirred the media’s interest and soon we had a global story on our hands.  The Knox family used the media to set Amanda free.  And the media used the family to get what they wanted, those giant audience ratings that keep their coffers bulging.

And don’t worry about the Knox family’s financial woes.  That will soon improve.  A book deal worth millions is just around the bend.

So what we have is this.  A minor event in history has stolen the show.  Gullible Americans are the suckers.  In the meantime shallow media minds have let the important news of this country lay hidden for decades, fearful of what corporations might do with their advertising dollars.   There is no end in sight how low the media can stoop.   The Amanda Knox fairy tale is only the lastest example in a long line.


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