A rape is a rape, is a rape

(Update:  Two and a half months after this post was written, a New York Supreme Court judge on August 23, dismissed charges against Strauss-Kahn at the request of the Manhattan district attorney’s office.  On September 3, Strauss-Kahn left his rented New York apartment and flew back to his home in France.  Unresolved is a civil suit brought by the hotel maid and “victim,” Nafissatou Dialo.)

You had to know from the very beginning that the big-cheese Frenchman, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was never going to be found guilty of rape, was never going to serve an iota of prison time.  He, like the demons at the bottom of the American financial crisis, was too big to fail.  His alleged victim, a New York City hotel maid, was too small to succeed.

Strauss-Kahn, you may know, is one of the most powerful men on earth.  He ran the International Monetary Fund and was considered a strong candidate to become the next president of France.  She is a 30-something black woman, an immigrant. 

That prosecutors in New York gave up so quickly to “investigations” into the woman’s past sets off a familiar odor.  It has the stench of big money and influence doing the talking.  Not the facts.  They are counting on the public to do what it always does.  Lose track of the bouncing ball.

The woman is a liar, they say.  She has lied about everything.  She is a drug dealer.  Someone deposited $100,000 into her bank account.  The list of the woman’s transgressions goes on and on.  But who cares?  It should not matter. This is not a case of he said, she said.  There is physical evidence.  

These are the physical facts, according to the woman’s angry lawyers:  A torn vagina, torn tendon in the shoulder, Strauss-Kahn’s sperm and DNA  all over her.    All of this physical evidence apparently available to anyone in the media. 

If a brutal rape was committed on that day, May 14, I do not care that she is a liar.  She could have murdered five people afterward and that does not make the rape any less of a crime.  A rape, is a rape . . . . 

It is sickening sometimes what happens in this world in the name of justice.


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