Summer Solstice, 2011

Looking south at the precise moment of Solstice

Summer arrived in Phoenix at 10:16 a.m.   The weather at my house in the central city:  98 degrees, under a clear sky with the slightest of breezes that barely move outer tree branches.   Forecasters predict a high of 113 later today,  the highest temperature of the year to date.  Phoenix has enjoyed mild temperatures this spring, although 100-degree days have piled up in the last few weeks.

This is the longest day of the year.  And, for me, one of mixed emotions.  Symbolically , it is the time the sun heads south, the light starting to go way, a decline of life.  More real, the solstice is a sign the desert heat will not last forever, that in three or four months we can turn off the a/c and enjoy being outside again.  The Winter Solstice, in December, is a happy time, and Nebra and I hope to celebrate the return of the light with our traditional supper, maybe with friends this year.


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