A `boarder’ searches for truth

In the Beginning, God created Birthers.  After a rest, God created Deathers.  And now, alone, I have created Boarders.  That’s boarders as in water-boarding.  Show me the proof.

The Birthers did not believe President Obama was born in America.  They cried for the long form of his birth certificate.  When they got it, they didn’t believe it. 

The Deathers say they want proof Osama bin Laden is dead.  They want to see his corpse.  The long form, I suppose, head to toe.   And then if  presented they will not believe that either.  Obama is lying for political gain.

I am better than that.  I am willing to change my mind.  I will believe, faced with facts, that George Bush’s policies of  torture and water-boarding at Gitmo or anywhere else, produced the key to killing Bin Laden last Sunday in Pakistan.  Just show me the proof.

Those Bush policies have been used by the right-wing propagandists, like Limbaugh and Hannity, to discredit President Obama’s role in the Bin Laden affair.  Those propagandists say that Obama merely sat on the sidelines and let Bush’s policies do their thing.  Obama, the bystander in all this, was led down the primrose lane by bureaucrats and other officials, each and every one of them a grand admirer of right-wing politics, George W Bush and his “war on terror.”

I will even discard the view expressed by the New York Times this morning:  “There is no evidence that good intelligence like this,” meaning the exact location of Bin Laden’s living quarters in Pakistan, “was the result of secret detentions or abuse and torture.  Everything suggests the opposite.”   That is not proof.  That is opinion.  Honest opinion, I might add, unlike Mr. Limbaugh who will deliberately lie and distort. 

Once the link between torture and discovery of Bin Laden’s whereabouts is destroyed, Bush’s role is all but obliterated from this great moment, a moment that wiped away the shame of our country being unable to find the perpetrator of 9/11 for almost 10 long years.  It will further doom Bush’s role in history, as a shallow, bumbling Texan, led around by the nasal holes by Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.  And it would be a spear to the heart of conservative ideology. 

As a true Boarder, this is what I have read, not what I necessarily believe.  Identification of Bin Laden’s courier was the key to the Al Qaeda leader’s location and death.   His alias was discovered from American-held prisoners.  Who or where, no one is saying.  The alias was run by two imprisoned top-level Qaeda operatives, Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed, the author of the 9/11 attacks, and Abu Faraj al-Libi, who was Qaeda’s operational chief.  Neither claimed to have heard the courier’s alias, which led investigators to believe they were lying.  One thing led to another and, tah-dah, the end of Bin Laden.

The bottom line of course is:  Did water-boarding or any other form of torture in the Bush repertoire lead to information about the courier?  If water-boarding and torture were so effective, why would neither Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed nor  Abu Faraj al-Libi, cough up the courier’s identity and save the U.S. a lot of time? 

I ask no more than any good Birther or Deather.  Show me the proof.  Show me the long form.  Show me the tape of the interrogations of those prisoners and an objective translation .   Then, and only then should George Bush receive some credit for the Bin Laden episode.


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