Cardinals low point: The scape-goating of DA

Out here in the arid lands all roads lead to Derek Anderson.  Simplistic thought rules the day.  Your car door is nicked in the parking lot?  Blame the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, DA.   A cloud in the sky?  Blame DA.  For the longest time as this miserable season unfolded, knee-jerk fans found an easy target in DA, the quarterback who can’t pass straight.  And now the coach, Ken Whisenhunt, has jumped on the snarling dog-pile.

“The bottom line is that position (QB) has not performed for us at anywhere near the level we needed it to perform,” Whisenhunt was quoted as saying yesterday.  I would put it another way.  DA has been unable to overcome the huge problems elsewhere on this floundering team.  Unable to compensate for a talent shortage all over the place.  Unable to compensate for under-achieving first-round draft picks like tackle Levi Brown and running back Beanie Wells. 

It would be a pleasant change to see Whisenhunt man up and take blame for his mistakes and those of his coaching staff.  And to point out the drop-off in talent from last season.  To take some of the undeserved heat off of his quarterbacks. 

And would it be unrealistic for the ownership to come forward and say,  yes, we played it cheap this year.  This season was our fault.  And for the entire organization to step forward with a finger stuffed in its chest to say we made mistakes but we plan to get better.  Instead they have left DA swinging in the wind.

The headline on the Arizona Republic’s website:  “Cards’ QB Issues Key to Poor Season.”    If the coaching staff and organization had done their parts, the headline should’ve said, “Cards’ QB Issues Key to MEDICORE season.”  And playing in the pitifully poor NFC-West, a mediocre season would likely have meant another playoff visit for a team that is on the verge of starting a very green third-string quarterback, John Skelton, and becoming a true laughing-stock of the NFL.


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