Losing stuff: The computer and the Bik

This has been a bad week.  Forget the fact my denture doesn’t fit properly and that the dentist seems bewildered on how to fix it.  I’ve lost stuff.  That’s the main thing. 

Losing stuff has been going on for a while.  First it was my mobile phone. Then came my pedometer, a gadget that has become as vital to me as a pace-maker is to a heart patient.   In a way I hoped the phone would stay unfound.  It’s one of those Droids.  You know, one of those phones that really isn’t a phone.  One of those phones that needs its battery juiced up every hour or so.  And, no, I’ve not been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

I’m not the only one.  Nebra lost a coin purse and tonight she was beside herself after losing a notebook filled with important things.  She found both in the car.  The coin purse was under the driver’s seat.  It had gone away six weeks ago, apparently unhappy being empty all the time.  But to her surprise she found $30 in it, gift I suppose of the tooth fairy’s niece.  The notebook was found wedged between the seat and console, just as I had found the phone in my own car.  The pedometer had fallen out at the dentist’s office.  I retrieved it but not before buying another, for $40, at an REI 15 miles away.

Neither is losing stuff limited to our household.  In the restroom where she works, Nebra found today a mobile phone atop one of the toilets.  It belonged to a co-worker.   To play a joke, Nebra used the phone to dial yet another co-worker who was sitting beside the co-worker whose phone was unknowingly lost.  The phone rang, the called ID appeared and the woman turned to the nearby co-worker and asked:  “Why are you calling me?”   Nebra said she had a good yuk on that one.  So there are some advantages to losing stuff.

Anyway it’s my belief that everyone is losing stuff all the time.  Losing stuff or walking into a room and forgetting why you’re there.  I do that one a lot. 

I think I know the reason.  In fact I’m sure of it.  The reason all this weird stuff is happening is computer-age caused.   We are moving too fast.  The computer has geared us to find something and move on to the next in a nana-second.  We put something down, stick it somewhere and we’re on to the next thing.  It never registers in the mind, “I set my wallet down in the cat bowl.” 

The solution of course is quite simple.  Destroy all computers.  Go back to a slower time when we actually reflect about stuff.  The computer has ruined everything.  You see it now in our sound-bite news coverage of political campaigns.  I want to go back to the ol’ days.  Where is the trusty Bic when I need it?   Oh, yeh.  I forgot.  I lost that too.


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