Number of steps in a lifetime?

How many steps will you walk in a lifetime? 

No one knows for sure.  That’s because of course no one counts them.  I myself was remiss.  I failed as a parent when I did not have a pedometer implanted in the waists of my infant children.  I could have made history that way, maybe even made Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  

But having used a digital pedometer now for nine months, I have at last become an expert at something.  I can now estimate the number of steps the average American will take in a lifetime of 78.4 years, and I can do that without fear of contradiction, largely because no one but me would spend a few minutes figuring it out.

 I will start by paring off three years.  A year and a half before we learn to walk, and another year and a half at the end when we don’t or can’t move a single muscle.  That leaves the average American’s walking life at 75 years.  Ah, a walking life.  I just invented a statistical term. 

 Anyway, by deep introspection and mulling over my experiences, I believe the average American will average, and I’m being generous here, 7,500 steps a day.   That’s not much activity.  But we do have our priorities.  TV and the car for starters.  And for the few of us who still do it, book reading.  Anyway that totals 2.735 million steps a year.

Now multiply it times the 75 years of walking life and you reach roughly 205 million steps during your life.  Now that is a statistic you don’t see everyday.  Of course you must figure out the tricky part:  Are you an average American?


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