Taking steps

10,000 steps a day can run into work

The average American will take well over one million steps a year despite a penchant to avoid anything physical.

That may sound like a lot, but a million steps comes out to a toe or two shy of 2,740 a day.  You can almost do that by lying on the sofa watching the tube and padding to the refrigerator and back 27 times.

To be fit, some believe, you must do almost four times that amount of steps.  The goal is 10,000 a day.   Or 3.65 million a year.  It’s harder than you think.

To reach 10,000 steps a day you will more than likely have to plan an extra walk or two.  Unless you are a waitress or construction worker.  Or an avid sleepwalker.  So you probably need something to spur you.

For me, the impetus to walk more was the purchase of an accurate digital pedometer, cost about $40.  With its magic, it spurred me to walk that extra block or two, to park the car in the farthest reaches of the mall’s lot and, if you become manic like me, to set personal records.

Take yesterday.  I needed 12,184 steps to average over 12,000 a day for the month of April.  Nebra required 9,961 to keep her average above 10,000.  We both went to extraordinary efforts to reach those goals.

Having whiled away most of the day in lethargy, I jumped on the treadmill at the Y for 53 minutes and closed out April with the big bang of 15,347 steps.  That left my monthly average at 12,105.  A personal best since I first began counting steps last September.

Nebra also found herself in a bind due to her office work.  She came home in the evening and walked along Central Avenue, until I picked her up for a late supper at Macayo’s.  Even then, she needed 2,000 steps.  So on the way home, I let her out of the car so she could walk back. In the end, her daily total was 10,381, leaving her daily average for April at 10,014. 

Both of us crossed the million-step mark for 2010 weeks ago.  Nebra on April 19, I on the 7th. 

At my present pace of 10,745 steps a day for the year, I’ll have 3.91 million by December 31.  Already, I can see a frantic Holiday period trying to reach 4 million.


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