In a perfect world . . .

In a perfect world we would not need Big Government.   We would not need government at all.  We certainly would not need government to administer healthcare.  But it is not a perfect world.  It is not even close to a perfect world.

One of the founders of America, Benjamin Franklin, signed on to the U.S. Constitution with doubts that democracy would work.  He saw too many crooks.  The system could be gamed.  And that is what has happened.  That is why healthcare reform in America is needed.

Anyone who believes here in the 21st century we even live in a real democracy is a fool.  What we live in is something quite different.  It is called an oligarchy.  It is government by the few, for the selfish and greedy benefit of the few.  Most Americans live as slaves to the whims of corporations and their bought-for politicians, be it Republican or Democrat.  The few dictate to us from thrones on high.  They say take it or leave it.  And that’s what has happened to healthcare in this country. 

Health is something most people have no control over.  Disease and horrible injuries happen. And the  healthcare corporations have answered the bell with this.  They raise rates to the extreme in the name of profit.  They make insurance all but unaffordable.  They cut you off when you become too sick, your bills become too high.  The corporations do not care about you.  Many in the oligarchy do not even pay a fair share of taxes.  They do loophholes and off-shore banking through shady schemes and high-dollar lawyers.  They lie about their income with arcane bookkeeping.  They do not even care about America. 

That is one of the most amazing things about the healthcare debate.  The protestors are the same ones getting the screw.  Just like most of us.  They are so passionate it boggles the mind.  They bleed rancor and hate.  

The so-called debate was not about issues of substance.  It was about something else.  It was colored by racism and hate, fear, I suspect,  that minorities and the poor might gain a leg up on the club of rich white men that dictate our lives.

 I do not recognize these protestors of healthcare-reform who spit in the face of black politicians and yell, “Kill the bill, nigger.”   Or those who shout “homo” at the lawmaker Barney Frank.  Or taunt and scream at a man in a wheelchair with Parkinson’s.  Where do these protestors come from? Not America surely.   Are they paid by the conservatives and their handlers?  What has happened to this country in the last 30 years?   Whatever it is, it is not good.  Whatever it is, it is tearing America apart.

I for one am encouraged by the passage of healthcare reform.  It is not perfect, I know.  But it is a start, yes.  A change in direction for a country that so dearly needs a new wind, a movement in an upward direction.  I do not want to live in a country that looks more and more like a Third World nation everyday.  

And I have come to this realization.  Our oligarchy has lied to us, stolen from us, let the sick die too early and killed our children in needless wars, like in Iraq, pre-emptive wars generated for only corporate profits.  Think oil.  Iraq had “better targets,” Donald Rumsfeld told us.  Yes, while the perpetrators of 9/11 ran free in Tora Bora.  “I don’t think about him much anymore,” W said of Bin Laden.  More than that, the oligarchy will continue to inflict harm on this country unless it is checked, regulated.  Only government can do that.  The oligarchy will not police itself.

Our oligarchy’s strategy is simple.  Keep the pot stirred with their talk-show propagandists.  Limbaugh, Hannity, that crowd.  They intend to make sure that Americans do not unite.  Divide and conquer is the goal.  And they are very good at division. 

If I have a choice, a choice between the corporate oligarchy that has disgraced this country for decades and the many unknowns of socialism and healthcare, I will take my chances with socialism every time.  The oligarchy and capitalism had a chance, a wide open door, to make a better America, and failed.  Failed miserably.

Call me a Commie if you want.


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