Vernal equinox 2010

Looking south precisely at 10:32 a.m. from central Phoenix

The vernal equinox arrived at 10:32 a.m. (MST) here in Phoenix, Arizona.  The temperature was 66 F, with a light breeze from the east, not a cloud in sight. 

The photo above was taken at the precise time of the vernal equinox, at the moment the sun shines vertically above the equator.  I used the atomic clock shown online by the Time and Frequency Division of the NIST Physics Laboratory.  The Lab is responsible for providing the official time in the United States. 

The weather at the time of the equinox was not unusual.  Phoenix has enjoyed a sunny warming trend since the last winter storm passed through on March 9.  

The high temperture today was 76 F in midafternoon according to the sensor in my backyard.  By evening cirrus streaked the sky.  The low last night was 49. 

The Mountain Standard Time may seem confusing.  Phoenix and most of Arizona do not observe daylight savings time.


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